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*November 3, 2009

   *PILOT PRAYER TEAM REPORT - 2009-11-02*

 This is our first report on the SeaTac Metroplex Pilot prayer Team. It is
as it were Elders sitting in the Gate of the City. Aim: to see God form from
it an “Organic Automatic Laser-Telescope” for the Lord to use as a Corporate
Entity - which when possessed by Himself through the Holy Spirit - He can
then use at His will and discretion in removing Principalities and Powers
over Cities, Regions, States and Provinces, and Nations. He said in 1985 -
“Call it Spiritual Star Wars.”

 Such cell prayer groups were raised up by John Wesley in Great Britain
during the mid and late 1700's. 70,000 met once or twice weekly in groups of
8. A Sociologist, himself an unbeliever - yet reported in a book that apart
from these, the French Revolution of 1789 would have leaped the English
Channel with its guillotine, and wrought like destruction as it did in

 In 1937 Rees Howells saw 120 of his staff-disciples that he had led to the
Lord - find the Holy Spirit at their invitation, possessing them corporately
over a 3-week period. The Lord used them in a number of critical victories
to defeat Hitler and Naziism during World War II. Rees Howells himself had
this same experience, but individually in 1906, 31 years previously. Later
Rees said, “I can tell the *exact time* in 1936 when Satan possessed Hitler.
Through the Spirit-directed prayers of the Welsh 120, Hitler bitterly said,
“This is the *first* time I have disobeyed my 'voice'.” This repeatedly
happened through the Spirit-directed prayers of this Welsh company during
World War II. They would get the newspaper the following day to read the
result of their intercessions. Read “Rees Howells, Intercessor,” by Norman
P. Grubb for confirmation and fuller details. Chapter 5 and 32 record this
individual and corporate possession.

 Now - just as it was revealed of Satanic possession of Hitler just prior to
World War II, so it is clear that we face a leader possessed of the spirit
of Islam in the United States. Again and again he has personally witnessed
to his faith and commitment in this direction. Just as people and the Press
would not believe Hitler's statements in Mein Kampf - today people and the
Press are silent concerning the “Mein Kampf-like testimony of Barack Obama.
A close friend of mine from Romania, Medical Doctor from Bucharest, graduate
from a Baptist Seminary in Portland with an M. Div. degree - fluent in 7
languages, founder of over 7 churches in Romania, Israel and the US., member
of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), relative of Richard Wurmbrand - and much
more. He has shared documentary testimony underlining the true danger we
face today. We must pray for our President as God exhorts us in Scripture,
yet at the same time we can see how He has permitted this situation to wake
up the sleeping church of America. Perhaps God has called for this “Pilot
Program” as mentioned in the Introduction - as an answer for our day - as
was Rees Howells Team of 120 in his day.

 Dr. Theo Smilovici Ben Abraham of Romania recommends the following
documentary, which you can click on and listen:

“The real Obama is revealed.  He is a Moslem and we refuse to believe it.
How many ways does he have to prove it?”

 *Please click below..*


 If something being birthed today is indeed of God, then He will give a
witness of confirmation for encouragement. On Saturday October 31, 2009 - a
Pilot Group met to obey God in His call. One of the members during prayer
time, while yet on his knees, reported a vision he had received in Moses
Lake WA the night before during the worship time. He sensed God saying, “You
need to have clean ears.” As he literally twice sought to obey God with his
physical ears - the Lord said - “*Not* your physical ears - but your *
spiritual* ears.” He sought to be silent before the Lord, and listen. He saw
a “portal” in heaven opening, and out of heaven through the portal the Lord
started communing with him. He could not even move his head and had to
remain completely still in order to hear the clear sound of God's voice. It
was not just in the room, but the voice of the Lord was penetrating the
entire atmosphere. The the Lord said, “Allow nothing, even moving your head,
to be a disturbance so that you cannot hear My voice.”

 People sitting behind him in the meeting during this time were aware that
something unusual was taking place. They questioned him later, but had no
idea as to what actually took place. He reported none of this to the
meeting. As he was recounting this to the rest of us of the Pilot Team, he
said, “I believe this vision and revelation was for tonight. God wants “us”
here corporately to cleanse our spiritual ears - learn to be very quiet and
still - so we can hear His message to the church of Seattle.

 Then he reminded me of Pastor Bob Birch of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Didn't he
move in this spirit? “Yes”, I replied, “he was known as the apostle of
prayer and love in Canada - and passed on recently at 99, just a few weeks
short of his 100th birthday. Verses he lived in and constantly passed on to
all hearers at all times as a regular exhortation were, 'Who has *an ear*, *let
him hear* what the Spirit says to the churches.'”

 Jesus spoke 7 specific messages to 7 specific city churches in Revelation 2
and 3. Could it not be that today He wants Prayer Teams of 8 members each
like John Wesley's Cell Groups, and each team, corporately controlled by His
Spirit, to hear *His* word through the heavenly “portal” or door concerning
things soon to come to pass, and specific prayers for each of these 140
prayer teams for their respective City Churches?

 It is interesting to note that immediately following Jesus' prophecies to
the 7 City Churches, a “Portal” or *door* into heaven opened for John to
enter. Today the Lord would speak to us, rather than for us to enter -
through the heavenly Portal or Door! The insights for such a Pilot Team are
the reason for this report.

 Pastor Bob Birch not only lived in this 7-fold exhortation of Revelation 2
& 3, but also in Hebrews 4:12 - *“For **living** is the word of :God, and **
active**, and **sharper** than any two-edged sword, and **piercing** even to
the dividing of **soul** and **spirit**; of both joints and marrow, and a
discerner of **thoughts** and **intents** of the heart.” *As we
*meditate*vocally on the Word of God - the above action begins to take
place. The
written word must take precedence over the R*E*ma word of dreams and
visions, etc. 4 ½ times to one, the LOgos, written word, appears in the NT *
above* the R*E*ma word. (330 : 70). Yet many dwell continually in the
latter, even when ofttimes it contradicts the written word. And *above* the
written LOgos and spoken R*E*ma, we should focus on the Living Christ
Himself, of which the above two are but reflections of Himself!

 I met Pastor Bob Birch in the mid 60's, and spent 3 years of regular weekly
group prayer with him in the mid '70's. I spoke for him occasionally at St.
Margaret's Episcopal Church of Vancouver, and highly treasured the time of
fellowship I had with him.

 In 1994, David Demian, the successor whom Pastor Bob himself appointed as
leader of “Watchmen of the Nations”, asked if Pastor Bob, Dr. John White and
myself would serve as a team of 3 “fathers” to stand with and for him,
especially at the Whistler BC meeting of July 1, 1995. David felt because of
my relationship as one of the 7 elders of the 1948 North Battleford
Visitation, this would qualify me as being one of the 3.

 At the close of the October 31st Pilot meeting, one of the members asked
Elvin Gladney concerning his church on Capitol Hill. I had been introduced
to Elvin and his wife Wanda in the early '90's. I had spoken for him at a
Passover Seder in his first location, and then when they moved following a
drastic reorganization of their fellowship, I spoke to this smaller group in
their new location.

 Elvin had been taught by teachers who considered themselves pastors - yet
they did not have a father's heart; so as a new Christian, he was not
fathered. The teaching spirit often times corrects like a teacher, not a
father, and can often be harsh. This was a pretty discouraging introduction.
Then he was led to be a part of an apostolic network who has fathered him,
and passed on to him the mandate they held. My wife and I have confirmed
this call. Now like Rees Howells in all aspects of their church, they put
themselves under the *Holy Spirit* direction. They find He leads them to
sing “New Songs” as proclamations over the city of Seattle. Worship,
testimonies, prayers, messages - all are under *His* control. This is the
result of obeying a prophetic assignment for the city and region given by
God. Focusing on Jesus' agenda to build His church and not their own. It is
different. Some outside key leaders confirm that this is of God.

 This is one of the key reason I invited Elvin to be one of the 8 members of
the Pilot Team.

 A few verses we looked at in the realm of Prayer Multiplication were -
Deuteronomy 32:30 -* “One shall drive* *1000 to flight, but two -
10,000.”*This was spoken by God concerning the enemies of Israel. If
this principle
operates for enemies, *how much more* for God's people walking with Him?
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 tells us - *“**Two** are better than one, for they shall
receive a **good** reward for their labor.” *And in verse 12, - *“a
three-fold cord is not quickly broken.”* When Jesus is added to *two*, then
how strengthened they are when they recognize Jesus as being with them
(Matthew 18:20)! Then consider Matthew 18:19 - *“Again, Amen, I say unto
you, that if **two** of you shall agree (symphonize) on :earth as touching *
*anything** they shall ask, it **shall** be done for them of my :Father who
is in the heavens.” *But in Canada in the early '80's, God quickened
Zechariah 12:8 - *“In that day shall Jehovah defend the inhabitants of
Jerusalem; and he that is **feeble** among them at that day shall be as
David (10,000); and the house of David (mature soldiers) shall be as God, as
the angel of Jehovah before them” (a million-fold). *Most believers
recognize that we indeed live in the last days, and that the promises of God
to Israel are now shared with Gentiles through the “One New Man” - a mystery
now revealed through the apostle Paul. A team of 8 praying by faith in this
high Prayer Multiplication insight, can as 4 couples claim the
“billion-fold” results as the Lord uses such a corporately possessed team by
the Holy Spirit.

 Our assignment as a team, until we meet again, is to search the scriptures
for instances where God directs us to have spiritual ears - *clear* - to
hear His voice for us as individuals - and *then* corporately.

 Many of you who read the announcement prior to this first meeting, have
asked to be kept up to date as to how the Lord has been pleased to lead and
speak. Our prayer is - that when the Lord is effectively using us as a Pilot
Team, as an “Organic Automated Laser-Telescope”, - that soon He will
multiply this with 139 other City Pilot Teams for their respective City

 They will be different from the Rees Howells World War II Welsh Team. They
will be different from the 70,00 cell group members of 8 - in John Wesley's
day. God doesn't repeat Himself in detail. He moves and marches on. Today He
is forming City Prayer Teams in answer to the Global designs of Socialism,
Islam, Humanism, Liberalism - all seeking to rob God's people - and any
peoples - of their God-given freedoms. “Freedom” was a Watch-word of our
“Founding Fathers”. They said we “couldn't” be passive when these freedoms
would be challenged. They *are* being challenged. What will *you* do? What
will *I* do? What will *we* do? We invite you to join with us that 140
cities in Canada and the US will soon be equipped with effective Elderships
sitting in the Gate of each of these cities. And that these Elderships will
be Spirit-possessed and controlled for the Lord's will and pleasure. And
that we will join with Rees Howells in his 3-fold vision: 1. *Every Creature
Evangelism*. (which requires a *free* church to move in this direction
without government restrictions.) 2. Israel back in their land (which they
indeed are after 1900 years) - but - with *peace* with her Arab neighbors;
and 3. The Return of our King - Jesus, Lord of lords and King of kings,
making Israel the chief of nations for His praise and glory - for after all
- after the flesh - Jesus *is* a *Jew*!

 Your continued prayers on our behalf are deeply appreciated and coveted -
and for your obedience with us to the Lord and His Spirit for the part He
would have *you* play.

 Thank you for your interest in Him - in all of this - and your desire for
His glory through us - not for our own selves. - J.A.W.

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